Improvement on Transportation Safety on Bus by Installing A Speed Limiter in Conventional Engine to Reduce Speed Rate


Abstract. Driving is one of the conditions when the driver should be given special attention to make the motor vehicle in driving way and the driver should be in a good condition. However, the problem is in a certain condition the driver lost their control speed due to their target and minimize the driving time and it led the high potential to accident. Therefore, speed limiter which applied in the bus is urgently needed to reduce the accident and improve their awareness of road safety. Developed speed limiter is completed by fuel cut-off system to prevent the engine and maintain the speed. Limitation of speed be adapted by government regulation. From the results show that the highest and average speed of 136 km/h and 123.5 km/h is observed by bus speed prior to use speed limiter. After speed limiter applied in the bus, the approved maximum speed is 90 km/h. Those data approve that the speed limiter can reduce 83% from the top speed before speed limiter applied. 

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